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Shenzhen CRC New Energy Coo4i

about us

Shenzhen CRC New Energy Co., Ltd.

Is a national high-tech enterprise with 23 years of film capacitor production and sales history, the company's fixed assets investment amounted to more than 200 million yuan, the production is highly automated, and has professional production technology and management personnel, long-term and well-known universities and scientific research institutions as well as international and domestic first-class material suppliers have a good working relationship. As a result, the company's products have been highly reliable life design and batch consistency in high-end applications with a good reputation and word of mouth.

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Corporate Culture Mission

The company has obtained ISO9001, IS014001, ISO45001, IATF16949 and other quality system certificates UL, VDE, ENEC, CQC, CB and other international product safety certificates. The company has a considerable market share in smart meters, clean energy, power equipment, new energy vehicles, charging piles, industrial control and intelligent manufacturing equipment and other related industries. Integrity and quality are the strong cornerstones of our development for more than 20 years, and Chuangrong is striving to become a world-class first-class film capacitor supplier.

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Corporate mission 

While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all CRC people, we use high-reliability capacitors to win the respect of customers and contribute to a better life for mankind

Corporate vision 

To become a leader in the film capacitor industry and a respected 100-year enterprise.

  • Altruism
    Pure in heart, beginning and ending 
  • Gratitude
    A drop of kindness is repaid by a spring of water. 
  • Honesty
    treating others with sincerity and honouring one's words 
  • Introspection
    reflecting on oneself and thinking about one's own faults.